ExSpiron, Non Invasive Respiratory Monitor

Minute ventilation monitor minute respiratory monitor

  • Non-invasive and comfortable for patients
  • Quick in signalling decline in respiratory status 15-30 minutes before traditional measures
  • Cost Effective Advanced respiratory monitoring reduces high cost events


The ExSpiron is the only Non-Invasive Minute ventilation monitor minute respiratory monitor

What is Minute Ventilation?
Minute Ventilation (MV) is the amount of air moved through the lungs in a minute and is a direct
measurement of a patient’s respiratory status.

Fundamental unit of breathing
Tidal volume (TV) alone is more important than respiratory rate (RR). Minute Ventilation (MV)
gives you both.

Why Monitor Minute Ventilation?
Post-operative respiratory failure, the largest single-source of avoidable in-patient days and, is the third most common patient safety event.

Respiratory compromise increases patient mortality rates by over 30% and hospital and ICU stays by almost 50%.

Prevention is key: Standards and guiding bodies recommend continuously monitoring patients’ respiratory status

Monitoring MV can help you:

  • Guide pain management
  • Assess respiratory sufficiency
  • Identify risk to individualize patient care pathways

The ExSpiron 1Xi™
The ExSpiron 1Xi™ Non-Invasive Minute Ventilation Monitor, a continuous, point-of-care system most of all provides real-time quantitative monitoring of Minute Ventilation (MV), Tidal Volume (TV) and Respiratory Rate (RR). The ExSpiron 1Xi™ is in addition, the first monitor to provide these comprehensive metrics — previously only available for patients on a ventilator — for all patients. Most of all, the device brings the vigilance and safety of cardiac monitoring to respiratory care, for a more complete and quantifiable patient assessment.

The ExSpiron system, a next generation patient monitor providing real-time, continuous,
non-invasive Minute Ventilation measurements, furthermore something previously unavailable for non-intubated patients. Now you can monitor MV everywhere care is delivered: ICU, PACU,
Procedural Sedation, General Floor. The system consists of a lightweight monitor, a patient cable, and a disposable electrode PadSet, which detects changes in breathing.

The Need
“Postoperative opioid-induced respiratory depression is a significant cause of death and brain damage in the perioperative period.”

Potentially preventable with improvements in monitoring of ventilation, and early response and intervention, particularly within the first 24 hours postoperatively.

CMS Center for Clinical Standards updated requirements:

  • Emphasize the need for post-operative monitoring of patients receiving IV opioid medications, regardless of where they are in the hospital.
  • Reflects the need for patient risk assessment and appropriate monitoring during & after medication administration, particularly for post operative patients receiving IV opioid medications, in order to prevent adverse events

Especially relevant is a study that shows minute ventilation monitor preferred over end-tidal Co2 in monitoring for life-threatening opioid-induced respiratory depression. Research presented at The Deutsche Anesthesia Congress (DAC) Shows Minute Ventilation Monitor may be preferable to indirect measurement using EtCO2, for non-intubated patients.The study “Evaluation of the Relationship between Non-Invasive Minute ventilation monitor and End-Tidal CO2 in Patients Undergoing General vs. Spinal Anesthesia” points to the following. That the value of Minute Ventilation, as direct measure of adequacy of ventilation, in monitoring non-intubated patients for potentially life-threatening Opioid Induced Respiratory Depression.

Study Shows Minute Ventilation Preferred Over End-Tidal CO(2) In Monitoring For Life-Threatening Opioid Induced Respiratory Depression

Click here for the article: Minute Ventilation vs Co2

For more information on the The ExSpiron, the only Non-Invasive Minute ventilation monitor minute respiratory monitor , please do not hesitate to contact us.

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ExSpiron, Non Invasive Respiratory Monitor
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