Our customers decrease total linen costs by an average of 25%.
Put your linen budget on a diet. Drop pounds with alEx.

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Customizable Solutions

alEx machines can accommodate any stocking strategy and are small enough to be placed wherever they are needed.

Re-engineer hospital linen management with the alEx Linen Center and Single Dispense.

alEx provides secure and fully covered linen eliminating unauthorized users; driving down replacement and processing costs. Restocking alerts are automatically sent to linen management staff when alEx needs attention, increasing nurse satisfaction and eliminating the need to hoard linen in patient rooms. Plus, linen is always covered promoting infection prevention.



alEx supports Joint Commission requirements by ensuring linen is always covered and providing access only to authorized personnel.​


Nurses use current hospital badge to open the door and take what is needed. alEx tracks the amount of linen removed by weight.


Linen staff is notified when inventory is low through customizable text and email alerts

Improve HCAHPS scores with alEx


Linen stored in an open cart or stocked in patient rooms can appear messy
and unorganized. Keep patient areas clean with alEx.

Improve your linen
management performance


We made the decision to replace all of our exchange carts with alEx linen machines and we’ve seen a 30% reduction in overall linen use.

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