CHUQ Site using GEMS ECG Management Solutions for adults and pediatric population

Juil 11, 2018 | Events

GEMS is a suite of software tools for the management of ECG and that is easy to use helping increase efficiency with patients, staff and clinicians. The tools offer simplified workflow’s and time savings through the use of the device-agnostic GEMS™ WIN Auto Attendant module for automated receipt of ECGs from analogue ECG devices.

The cardiology-based GEMS™ WIN software is used in the remote monitoring of patients for extended periods of time (up to 30 days) while they are outside of the hospital and engaged in their daily lives. A unique feature of GEMS™ WIN is the ability for patients to be monitored with wireless medical devices that can auto-trigger when an arrhythmia is detected and send the recorded ECGs to a hospital or call service in real time. Wireless ambulatory ECG and arrhythmia monitoring is well established in many areas of the USA. While Canadian healthcare organizations have yet to implement wireless ECG monitoring, the tide is starting to turn as more Canadian healthcare organizations are licensing GEMS™ WIN and now have wireless arrhythmia monitoring capabilities made available to them.

The decision makers at the CHUQ including the medical and engineering team considered all options before selecting our solution and commitment for implementation.